6 Ways To increase the sound volume on your Lenovo PC

So the sound on your Lenovo PC is not loud enough? Here are some things you can try.

  1. Check the Volume Mixer.
    • Right click the sound icon on the taskbar and select Open Volume Mixer.
    • Windows lets you set the volume level separately from each app and playback device.
    • So check if the volume slider for that app is not maxed out and drag it up to use all the available sound volume.
  2. Adjust the advance sound features. 
    • Lenovo PCs come with additional sound features like Dolby Audio Premium.
    • Launch the app and choose the most suitable audio profile or create a custom Personalize one using the equalizer.
  3. Check other audio enhancement settings.
    • Some of our PCs come with audio enhancement features embedded in the audio drivers.
    • In the settings menu choose System> Sound, and then click on Sound Control Panel.
    • On the playback tab, right-click on the cur rrent playback device and choose properties.
    • On the enhancements tab you will find so Ease of Acc me audio enhancement settings.
    • Try enabling or disabling some of the features to see how they affect the audio Tablet mode Ease of Access audio level a and quality.
  4. Webbrower tab is not muted.
    • Are you sure your web browser tab is not muted? On most web browsers you can now mute each tab independently. lf your web page is playing a video or audico file and you hear nothing, make sure you haven't accidentailly muted that tab.
    • Depending on the browser, you may y need to click the speaker icon or right click and select Unmnute Site from the menu.
  5. Ensure audio drivers are up to date.
    • It's quick. Launch Lenovo Vantage and click on Update. Click Check for Updates and Insta all All Recommended Updates.
  6. Run Windows Troubleshooter for sound problems.
    • Windows offers a troubleshooting app. Right-click the sound icon on the taskbar and choose Troubleshoot sound problems. Then follow the instructions. Remember to check our Lenovo Support site support.lenovo.com find more help.
(Video credit: Lenovo)