Lenovo Notebook plugged in, not charging at 98%

Recently got the Lenovo Yoga C740 and initially got it to charge at 100%. However, I've since noticed it drop to 98% with "plugged in, not charging". I'm hoping it's some sort of setting I've accidentally switched off and I just need to switch back on. Does anybody have any suggestions how I can do this? Whereabouts is the setting in Lenovo Vantage (if any) to get it to start charging again? Conservation mode is switched off and I have no idea where to find the charging threshold and whether it's on or not (I saw this term on another thread)

What you're seeing is a built-in battery protection feature. Seeing "plugged in, not charging" at 98% is normal. If you get the message at 80%, then there's a problem. 😉
There's no way to disable this, but it won't let the battery drain past 95%, if memory serves. If you ARE going to use it while plugged in on a regular basis, then enabling Conservation Mode is a good idea.