Lenovo YOGA 720 13IKB Firmware

1. Download the YOGA 720 13IKB Firmware Update Utility below

2. Press Windows Key + X and uninstall Wacom Pen under Apps and Features.
3. Right click on Desktop Home Screen and take note of the recommended resolution under Display Settings.
4. Press Windows Key + X>Open Device Manager>Expand Monitors>Right click on Generic Php Monitor and select Properties. Under Details Tab, expand Property section to select Hardware IDs and write down the info (e.g. IVO).
5. Go to the folder where the firmware was extracted. Look for the Firmware using the Resolution and Hardware ID Information (See attached photo).

NOTE: For units with more than 1 firmware option begin with the updates in column 1 and test to confirm it resolves the issue. If this does not correct the problem apply the second firmware and test again. Do not use the machine during the update process. This may cause the firmware to fail.